Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you serve?

We currently serve middle school and high school students, typically ages 12-18.

What is your cost?

One of the benefits of our co-op model is that there is no tuition. Each teacher charges their own fees for their classes, usually determined by subject, age, difficulty, and number of students interested.

Is Providence Academy accredited?

Providence Academy is not accredited. In the interest of maintaining Christian conviction, we believe in the full independence of Christian homeschool education from secular and state-run accreditation institutions. This does not hinder our children's acceptance to colleges and universities, as they are more interested in test scores and portfolios than they are high school accreditation.

Do you require uniforms?

We do not require uniforms, although we do have a dress code and do ask that our students and teachers abide by it in the interest of Christian modesty and decorum.

Do you provide math instruction?

We currently do not provide math instruction in-house. However, we do have a math tutor who serves some of our students. If you are interested in math instruction, please let us know.