About Providence Academy

Our History

Providence Academy has deep roots. It started as a released-time education program in Commerce, GA, in the early 1990s. As demand for our program grew, Providence Academy morphed into a full-time, K-12, accredited Christian private school which maintained full-time operations for nearly thirty years.

Over the years, as times have changed, and especially in recent years, we have moved our focus to the homeschool community, where we have discovered that many parents feel overwhelmed when their children reach middle school age. Our goal is to assist these parents in their children's education by providing quality, qualified, and experienced educators who are experts in their fields.

Our Mission

Providence Academy exists to provide distinctively Christian education, according to the precepts of the Holy Scriptures, to further his Kingdom and gospel through the propagation of his revealed truth about and his Lordship over all creation.

How We Operate

We are a homeschool education center—a group of teachers, fully committed to education in the local church, who meet together to offer our unique services to parents who desire them for their children.

All of our classes are a la carte. In other words, you enroll in whatever courses you would like your children to take; you are not required to register in all the classes. You can even enroll in only one!

Each teacher sets his or her own class, curriculum, rates, and fees. The students meet in person at our location with their teachers one full day per week (usually 8 a.m.-3 p.m.). The teachers handle everything—lectures, assigning homework, administering examinations, and keeping up with the student's progress. The parents' responsibility is to ensure their children complete their daily work.

We believe this is the best way for parents to be involved in homeschooling their children while at the same time ensuring all academic bases are covered.